🤬Common Scams, and Phishing Practices

Scams and Phishing have been a thing ever since discord first started gaining popularity, though, over the past 2 years, as NFTs blew up, we've seen a huge increase in these scams.

DM Bots

The most popular scam at one point was the mass DM bots. What these bots did was join hundreds of NFT discord servers and then proceed to MASS DM users in those discords.

These are still being used, but aren't as common as they once were.

Common Ways To Stop Them

  1. Using a verification bot that automatically kicks users after 15 minutes of being in the server without verifying.

  2. Anti-Bots, these tend to use an intricate filter system that includes; checking PFP, creation date, linked accounts, etc.

    1. Fair warning, these bots sometimes have false flags and will kick real users.

Phishing Servers, & Fake Teams

Another popular method that has tricked moderators and team members in high value communities such as Doodles, BAYC, and more is the use of fake projects reaching out to collaborate.

These fake projects will use multiple different methods to try to take your discord token.

  1. Discord tokens are ways to login to discord accounts without requiring a password alongside bypassing any and all 2FA setup on the account.

    1. The only way for one to reset their discord token and re-secure their account is by resetting their discord account password.

Things To Lookout For

  1. Having to add a bookmark to your browser and then oppening it to verify in a server.

  2. Them requiring you to scan a QR code to continue with a collaboration effort.

  3. Fake engagement in their discord, and twitter communities.

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