Below is information about one of our products, Cronus.

Cronus is our enterprise tier discord bot which comes with 24/7 support, up to date news to your team on new scams and exploits, weekly security sessions, and free updates and new feature implementation.

Purchase Cronus by joining our discord and creating a ticket.

Server(s) Currently Using Cronus

Each Cronus bot is hosted on it's own instance and allows you to change it's name, themeing, and PFP to really make it a part of your community. This also means that you will have your own dedicated server hosting just your Cronus bot, allowing you to not worry about resource usage, downtime, and latency.


  • General Commands

    • Gas, Price, TokenInfo, CollectionStats, ServerInfo, etc

  • Leveling System

    • Both VC and Text

  • Giveaway System

    • Allows you to set requirements like having your ETH wallet linked.

  • Logging System

    • Hyper detailed logging system.

  • Moderation Commands

    • Ban, Kick, Mute, Deafen, Timeout, Warn, Lock, Unlock, etc.

  • Music System

    • High quality VC music streaming, with youtube and spotity support.

    • Voting system skipping songs/stopping the music (moderator bypass).

    • Blacklist system to stop certain users from using the music module.

  • Ticket System

    • Multiple categories (configurable).

    • Transcripts logged, and hosted on a dashboard.

    • Blacklist system to stop certain users from creating tickets.

  • Verification System

    • Image based.

    • Makes users accept the rules before allowing them to complete the captcha.

    • Allows moderators to manually verify a user if they can't complete the captcha.

  • Warning System

    • Allows moderators to warn users, check user warnings, and edit/delete warnings.

  • Automod System

    • Blacklist certain words/links.

    • Anti ghost pinging.

    • Anti mass pinging.

    • Automatically warns and puinishes users for multiple infractions.

  • AntiRaid System

  • AntiBot System

    • Filters new accounts through a bot check.

    • Allows you to set custom name checks to autoban on join.

      • For example, "Admin", would ban any new members with the name Admin.

  • NFT Asset Verification

    • Secure, easy to use NFT authentication. NO signature/TX required, we will just ask users to change their Opensea bio's to a random string to allow us to verify the account's authenticity.

  • NFT Sales/Listings Tracker

  • NFT Collection Information/Stats

  • NFT Traits

  • Twitter Feed System

    • Posts new tweets to a specific channel.

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