Below is information about one of our products, Soteria.

Soteria is a free to use discord moderation and security bot. It can protect your discord from malicious link announcements, has moderation, logging, and more.

Free Features

  • Captcha/Verification

    • Customizable and easy to use Captcha/Verification system that allows you to verify your users as humans.

      • Includes ability to make members read the rules before verifying.

      • Check's users discord privacy settings informing them to turn off their DMs from server members, promiting security.

      • Provides information on turning 2FA on, and good security practices.

      • Allows moderators to manually verify a user if they can't complete the captcha.

  • Moderation Commands

    • Allows you to remove permissions such as kick, ban, timeout, and more from your moderator/administrator roles and makes them use the bot's command list for a safer punishment system.

  • Block Harmful Announcements

    • Allows you to block harmful @ everyone, here, and role pings that include unwhitelisted links.

  • Powerful Logging

    • Audit logs are cool and all, but they are annoying to look for, and don't provide indepth information. Our logging module allows you to see in-depth information about every action executed in your server.

[⭐] Premium Features

Purchase premium here: https://buy.felonsecurity.net

  • AntiRaid System

    • Automatically stop harmful raids without affecting your real, normal users.

  • AntiBot System

    • Advanced filtering system that stops bots and scammers from joining your discord.

  • Global Ban List

    • Ability to toggle global ban list for raid accounts, scammers, bots, and more.

  • Custom Messages

    • Edit the contents of the verification/captcha module.

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